The Sapien Inside Us All

The word sapien derives from an old Latin term for to be wise or sagacious, so inside everyone must be their sapien. Whether they like to admit it or not we all have a little wisdom we’ve picked up over the years, its all very well learning the knowledge but whats the point if you aren’t sharing it? Wisdom is putting into practice what you have learnt, life will challenge to you do the equivalent of 10 press ups whenever it feels like it so listen the first time don’t let it get to the 2nd or 3rd set. Everyone’s experiences matter and we all have something to share which might benefit others, the chances are if you can think of it someones already written about it, the beauty of the internet means we have access to this information 24 hours a day and it has almost eliminated the reason for ignorance because you can check facts yourself on your smartphone.

Whether you are passing on wisdom from your predecessors or from personal experience you are enriching the lives of the people in contact with you, every emotion you feel – they feel. Wisdom is a combination of experience, knowledge and good judgement, you will know when it is time to impart your wisdom. There will be occasions when sometimes your wisdom is ignored but these challenges have to be weathered if you are willing to ignore the experience of those who have done it before you and succeeded have clearly not thought it through, ignoring someone with direct experience in the situation can only be classed as crazy, no one is so perfect that they cant take a little instruction from those who know.

Let your sapien run free and enrich the world without arrogance or judgement and enjoy its power.

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