Platypus Babies & Other Usually Cute Animals

Viral stories are all too common nowadays and many people fall foul of hoax images, baby platypuses have been confused with a fantasy sculpture by an artist on Instagram. With some exclaiming disgust and others how cute it was, its crazy to think the number of people who didnt read the caption properly, he clearly identify it as a piece he had created. How many times do we repost something without reading it fully? Be honest we have all done it, most of the time its harmless, but it is the new way to distribute propaganda, and with so many posts looking like any normal page on social media its easy to get caught out.

The law in the UK can and will prosecute if you are posting things which cause concern, several have been caught out and the punishments are severe, so I would recommend reading through the post before you hit that share button, it may just save you a lot of grief in the future. Topics range anywhere from racism to extremism, cleverly hidden they draw you in with stories of persecution or triumph, retweeting and posting things of this nature will get you noticed so ask yourself, do you really want to be associated with this subject because the authorities will tar you with the same brush regardless of whether you actually believe in it or not.

Its not just about obeying the law, its about showing your integrity by thinking before you speak, rather than letting words just stream out of your mouth like verbal diarrhoea. There is nothing wrong with having morals and integrity, the world was built on it, you might not share the same with everyone but remember everything you post is a reflection of you, if you only post negative topics and updates what do you think will be written on your digital headstone versus someone who is mindful of what they post and doesnt share their darkest thoughts with the world even when their fingers are itching to release the kraken into the world.

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