Golf – Driving Success

The perception that golf is a mans game is a long held belief, some joke its a convenient way to have time away from their wives, women’s golf is slowly becoming more and more popular and has been recognised as an official sport for some time now. Personally I’m not a lover of playing a whole game, but I do enjoy a trip to the driving range to practice hitting balls as far as I can, this is normally not far in fairness but I find it incredibly relaxing much in the same way that I find a trip to the rifle range for target shooting is a fantastic way to meditate for an hour. The total concentration and level of calm required for both activities is nourishing for the soul, the driving range also provides more of a work out than you think, your outer obliques, gluts, pecs and lats all come into play during in this motion. It is true that some golfers are on the more rotund side but this doesnt mean that their muscles are not being worked on, under the layers of subcutaneous fat the same muscles are still working.

Activities and sports are good for our mental health, so whichever it is you should pick one that you really enjoy, it seems much less like a chore to do if you enjoy it completely, much like a hobby. The range of classes you can do locally and in the comfort of your home using the wonders of the internet has increased exponentially and really means that no one has an excuse, even Slimming World let you weigh in from home if you don’t fancy the ritual humiliation of being weighed in front of everyone and given a certificate. Its important more than anything for you to be happy in yourself because you will always feel good if you are happy, if there things that you particularly need help with there are a range of ways to get help, in the UK the NHS provides support for you to access a wide range of services both via the internet and locally, although the wait for some of the local services maybe prohibitive for some you can use the digital versions to at least get you started whilst you wait. If you search for #everymindmatters you will find a range of digital services which anyone can access and are scientifically tested to ensure they are beneficial, for those in the UK you can obviously provide your postcode to see the range of local services available to you.

A positive mindset is an important part of success as it will guide you to wherever you want to go. Find something that inspires you even if its just a 10 minute walk everyday to get the blood flowing, the butterfly effect is rewarding to see in action.

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