But, Doctor? How?

Kate sat in the waiting room at her general physicians office, she wasn’t looking forward to the conversation for the most part because she didnt know what it was going to entail, the outcome would essentially be her fate, it sounded dramatic but it was largely true. The conversation would determine her life expectancy and whether she would be terminated any time soon, the government only had limited time to use resources so once they were ‘out of date’ termination was arranged, no one actually knew what that meant all they knew is you never saw the person again. In Kate’s mind that didn’t come close to proving they were dead, they were probably transported to another dimension or at least sent underground in some untraceable location.

So many had been lost through this termination business, it was starting to get suspicious now, she wondered why they needed all these good-natured and talented people. The thought made her spine shiver, she knew she didn’t want to know why they wanted them really, but she worried who would be next, they were dropping like flies in her outer circle but it was starting to encroach on her inner sanctum and that wasn’t good at all. The last thing she wanted was to be terminated she had so much more to give, they didn’t like rebels which is why she was surprised she hadn’t been hauled in before.

Being called into the his office from the waiting room Kate was nervous, she timidly approached the door as she had many times before that and she entered slowly. Without looking up Dr Benson motioned her to sit whilst he continued to write notes, “Miss Dennis” he said finally looking up from his notes and resting his hands together on the table, it was almost like a Bond villain moment. Kate sat up straight and looked brightly at the doctor, “yes sir” Dr Benson looked serious for a moment “I have some news, you might not like it” Kate looked crest fallen for a moment, his face was grave for a moment “you have been chosen” Kate’s face changed to a look of horror “but, Dr?” Benson sighed “not to be terminated, you have been chosen to rise” her mind exploded “what does that even mean?” Dr Benson sighed again, this was going to be a long conversation.

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