A Gaze That Makes Your Heart Skip A Beat

When Millie fixed you with her gaze, everything else disappeared and it became just the two of you. The depth into her soul was chasm like when you looked into her eyes, you would know how she felt about you in a heartbeat, she made no effort to hide feelings so you had to roll with however she felt at the time and it kept you on your toes. Feeling her gaze brought joy to some and terror to others, either way your heart skipped a beat hoping that you were in favour or at least neutral in this moment, she was fully aware of the effect she had on people but she didn’t feel the need to change as that would defeat the point of keeping people on their toes. The team functioned better under pressure but there were lines to be drawn somewhere otherwise where would it end, she would keep pushing people and they were going to crack whether she liked it or not.

The intention was not to break the team it was to make it stronger, this unorthodox method was however having a detrimentally negative effect on them and her, her desire to improve matters had back-fired, her negative attitude at work had spilled into her personal life and now it was rearing its ugly head at every opportunity. The gaze had become indiscriminately negative, there was no positivity left to shine through, Millie knew that something had to change she had no desire to break herself. Work would need a new approach, the team deserved happiness and she didn’t want to melt them from the inside out. All she wanted was success, not just for her, for everyone. Gazing over the office from the mezzanine she saw them beavering away, she made a mental note to buy treats for Friday, a little team bonding over cakes and other sweet treats never hurt anyone, maybe she could start rebuilding what she had already torn down.

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