A Modern Neanderthal Walks Amongst Us

Neanderthal – a member of a group of archaic humans who emerged at least 200,000 years ago during the Pleistocene Epoch (about 2.6 million to 11,700 years ago) and were replaced or assimilated by early modern human populations (Homo sapiens) between 35,000 and perhaps 24,000 years ago.


A primitive species and the first definition of the ubiquitous ‘caveman’ of our historical timeline. Neanderthal as an expression has come to refer to those of a slow and methodical nature with primitive educational levels. Is it fair to say there are modern neanderthals? Its not the most endearing of terms for anyone to be referred to as such although there are clear physical similarities to some modern humans and their neanderthal counterparts but it shouldn’t be assumed they are anything like their primitive ancestors.

“Ugh, what a neanderthal” Cindy watched with her friend as the captain of the local sports team sauntered past, it was almost like his knuckles dragged on the floor as he walked, as if modern man just hadn’t quite made it. “You know neanderthal DNA has been found in many peoples profiles, he probably is part neanderthal” Trinity giggled and dug Cindy in the ribs who started laughing just as hard “you are probably right” she collapsed into more fits of giggles. Being 17 was amusing but when you had a brain like Cindy’s it punished her for not using it, she had a need to constantly challenge herself to keep it satisfied, this was useful in some ways but it meant she ended up overthinking plenty of things she shouldn’t. Neanderthals hadn’t been high on her list of thinks to research that day but she did wonder how much of that statement was true, did they walk among us? It went on the list of things to look into when she got home, hopefully when she did a bit more research she would better understand the significance.

At home she thought about the origin of the derogatory term, she had heard her mother say it first so it must have been around for at least a few generations, searching the internet for clues, there was no real information, then she started learning about the progress in the genetics and she fell down a rabbit hole that landed her on a career path to the same subject. It fascinated her more than anything else she had looked into, she rinsed the library of books and read every paper she could online before starting her career in the sciences just a year later. It felt good to finally find her passion, she had been so lost at college until that point, now everything was clear.

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