And The Holder Was Tickled Pink

To be tickled pink is to be delighted about something, excited and amused, it is a positive experience and there should be something in everyone’s that tickles them pink. Something that makes you so excited you just want to burst, when you see someone you like or go to your favourite place or hold something you love the anticipation will tickle you pink.

Grayson was tickled pink by this new app on his phone, it seemed to know exactly what he was thinking, everything he had to be positive about highlighted on an hourly basis, the oohs and awwws were starting to get to the people around him. Assuming they were just jealous because they didn’t have the app Grayson eagerly awaited the next thing to pop up on his app, the next picture wasn’t one he expected nor did he want it either, he hadn’t realised it was scrolling through his photo reel, it didn’t even seem to be picking them in a particular order he swiped into the menu and investigated how it worked, it was just a memory reel for your camera, nothing exciting or complicated.

Stopping for a minute he realised his brain had created the positive feelings coming from the app through the memories it associated with those pictures, he didn’t need an app to show gratitude he needed to give back to all those who helped pick him up when he was down. The friends and family that had stuck by were his rock and he wouldn’t have done it without their influence and help. All these people around him who were annoyed by him knew he didn’t need an app to see the good in his life, he just needed a good look in the mirror and to give a thought to the people closest to him. Picking up his phone he sent a message to everyone he knew to come to dinner that evening, he went to the kitchen and started preparing his feast, then he set the table rich with gifts for his guests, the little touches rivalled a Michelin starred restaurant.

Guests arrived and the evening was a success with love and positivity filling the room, lifting everyone to the same level, the food was designed to lower inhibitions and all those who would ordinarily clam up spoke freely, revelations and epiphanies were had that night with guests going home elated, issues melted away, their best life was yet to come.

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