It is Pronounced “Aitch” not “Haytch”

Pronunciation of letters or mispronunciation in this case is common H the letter cast aside through lazy speech, to some its more provoking than a misplaced apostrophe the “haytch” rips through them like a knife through butter. Some let it slide, because surely life is too short to spend getting annoyed by peoples ability to enunciate but some cant, I used to be one of those people who worried about these things but I have realised that there is no point, its not a murderous grammatical error so whats the worry?

Henry wanted to be called H, only problem was peoples unwillingness to pronounce it properly, so yes he was one of those who got agitated but it being his name he felt that was more of a reason than others who simply found it common and couldn’t abide by such things. Harry had tried various different ways of getting people to say his name properly he’d even changed it to Aitch but to no avail, people just didn’t get it, he wondered what the point in carrying on fighting or just to let it go but all he could think was that is not my name. Stuck between a rock and a hard place he tried to let it slide more often than not as the mental anguish he was experiencing was more than he felt the need to carry on with. Each day got easier and easier until it didn’t bother him at all, people were being ignorant but at least they were trying, he knew they didn’t learn it in school they must pick it up from youth club or somewhere similar. When Harry looked back over the times he had been agitated and upset by this mispronunciation thing he realised just how unnecessary it was to be so upset over something you cannot control and is really not in any way shape or form dangerous or life threatening in anyway so the best thing would be to find something that is worth worrying about and concentrate on that, it would be great if people called him H but maybe Harry was better in the interests of sanity. Hence forth he would be known as Henry because life was too short to shorten it.

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