Those Who Are Pure Of Heart

Once life gives you lemons you can start to really appreciate the purity of peoples hearts. They shine above everyone else, their positivity and optimism is infectious as everyone else starts to believe the same and work towards a common goal. Well at least that is what Rhona saw when she looked out over the call centre she currently managed. If you spoke to the team members the story would be a little different and there were ‘concerns’, the board needed to know what was going to happen, her positive attitude was apparent only to her, most people found her to be negative and unpleasant to unnecessary end. Rhona only saw her side which was natural, most people only saw their own side, perspective is rare, she hadn’t thought that people might see it a different way. The way she behaved was the way she was brought up, no excuse considering her intellect, she knew her attitude towards the team was not constructive, the job was money, she was perfectly capable of managing this team they just didnt want to be managed. A solution would be to wash hands and walk away, not good enough, remain and put everyone right, sounded much more like a plan she thought. The negativity she felt underneath all her forced positivity was starting to bubble up now, she really didn’t need that kind of stress in her life so she acknowledged it and reminded it who was in control, now was not the time she needed strength and light to guide these lost souls.

There was one in the team who had the purest of all hearts, her innocence was endearing to everyone, no matter the question you would answer even if it was the most benign drivel known to man, much like you would a child. She was not the youngest of the team but was by no means the oldest either, she had been the fittest and the healthiest of souls but she was struck by illness at a time when life was testing her, it turns out her soul was not as pure as she made out, she continued to pay for the mistakes she made some time ago when she danced with the devil one Sunday night. On the face of it she gave off an impression of purity which turns out to be what she asked the devil for, whatever the thought behind that Rhona didn’t know why she had asked for something so strange. Why ask to be made to look pure all the time, it comes from within, if you aren’t prepared to maintain it then you wont be either.

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