Irredeemable By Whose Rules?

A coupon can be classed as irredeemable by the store in the terms and conditions, fair or not that is mostly how it works. To redeem oneself as an adult the rules are defined by the person who you wish to redeem yourself to, only they can technically class you as irredeemable in their eyes, this does not apply to everyone else and their thoughts, we were given the power of independent thought let us not throw it back in disrespect. The issue of perception is a tricky one because it is easily swayed for most by the media and external influences, it can make or break you when trying to claw back the reputation you once had.

Are you irredeemable? The reporters will eventually give up and find something else to take issue with so the heat will be gone in no time. The feeling of redemption sounded good, Sophie knew she would be riding this to the bitter end but she wasn’t sure she was up for the rough ride with the photographers, the electric fence was going to have to be turned back on, no she wasn’t a sadist, it was legal there was a warning sign every 5 meters around the perimeter of her house. Some had fallen foul of it before so were wary but most of them were new young bloods who hadn’t realised her history, word soon spread and they stopped trying to break onto the property some even tried to talk via the intercom, the security gates were locked for a reason and that was for her safety, there was no need for anyone to come round right now.

Sophie knew that some of the things she had done were most definitely irredeemable but truth be told she couldn’t do anything about it so she wasn’t going to worry about it. There were some that were redeemable and she had done her best to try with little effect, it seemed that the things depended on the persons emotions and feelings toward the situation, how much importance they placed on something, not something she had counted on she was going to have to try a different tack. Forgiveness was important to her knowing she would receive it when she had righted the wrong she had done to that person, it was the next piece in the puzzle of her life and she was ready to let it all fly. If it was irredeemable she had to find a away to sort it out, so she can make peace with the mistake she had made.

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