You Know You Did It

The one at the back of the class, the ‘quiet’ one, mostly ignored but never marked down, because they were clever but they just sat silently observing the class. Some teachers struggle with students like this, you can’t really get them to talk in front of the whole class because they would simply freeze from the attention, what on earth can be done to help this? Caleb mulled the problem over with perspective, he had been one of those kids, mostly silent at school, was nearly lumped in with the goths by association from the teachers but he managed to maintain a certain amount of distance to them especially since the fake gun incident. In his class there were three that were a concern, their grades were great but their class participation level was pretty much zero, not an ideal situation the state required a certain amount to prove that they had at least learnt some social skills.

Caleb wrote a few notes on his pad and picked up his phone to call a colleague something made him stop and he slid the phone back onto the desk, taking a sip of his water he was sure he heard a noise in the office next door. The clock said 6pm so he turned off his computer grabbed his coat and headed out sliding his notebook into his jacket and his phone into his trouser pocket, maybe the trip to dinner would give him a different perspective. The metro was packed but Caleb felt like an island of calm surrounded by people, nothing could touch him today and he knew he would solve the participation problem, it just might not be right this second. Dinner was at his family home, the whole clan were going to be there and he was excited, it was hard because he had only just starting to be more assertive, he was used to being railroaded by the rest of the family, they were going to have a shock when he stood up to them. Life was ready to test Caleb and he was ready to be tested, bring it on he said and knocked on the front door.

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