The Rotund Life – is it Really Grandiloquent?

Rotund can define a person as round or in one slightly cruel definition chubby, when referring to writing it denotes a well rounded powerful text which resonates with the reader. Researching its definition opened my eyes to a wealth of new words which I had yet to come across, for example grandiloquent a pompous style of writing used to attempt to impress people. Language has always been used to loosely define classes within society, the educated have a library of words used where as the lower social classes were stunted by basic education unless they had the desire to challenge their teachers and learn more, although they were usually labelled trouble makers, not to be encouraged.

Living a rotund life might not be a ‘chubby’ one but more like living life to the fullest, a rich and varied existence, people are referred to as rotund which is a sly insult at best. Living to impress people with words is a pointless exercise as the only people who really care about etymology is writers and of course etymologists, most people are not impressed with fancy words and postulating, it alienates those who don’t understand and insults those who do when you use them incorrectly. I love learning new words and often get caught up in learning to use them, there is a time and a place to learn to use an new word and most of the time its not the time you think it should be.

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