5K in the Bank – Now What?

5K in the bank, now what? Ali wasn’t really sure what to do, the money had come out of nowhere, she tried to investigate its origin, she presumed someone wanted it back, after some time spent with the bank it was established it was now hers. There was no assurance that whoever sent it wouldn’t want it back and that did bother Ali, she knew it wasn’t hers, whoever had sent it had made it impossible to be traced even under data protection laws. She moved it into a virtual account in her banking app, either way she didn’t want it to get mixed up with her own money so it was best moved elsewhere, fortunately it hadn’t arrived in the joint account as that would have been an even more awkward conversation, she examined the transaction references again searching for any obvious clue as to who or how it happened. It felt a bit like she was back at the beginning again but she reassured herself this was more information than she had before so it could only help, her partner John had been at work all day and she had been left to get on with the situation, she looked at the time he should be due any moment.

Looking at their savings account she noticed that some of the figures there didn’t add up there either, she clicked on the more info button and closed her eyes, scenario after scenario ran through her head, the underlying theme was John leaving of course which was something she wasn’t prepared for. Peeping at the screen she saw there had been two movements one into each of their solo accounts, then more money was added several thousand, it looked like John had made all the transactions himself but she wasn’t 100% sure, it just seemed odd that they hadn’t found the origin of the money to be from their own savings account even the bank couldn’t work that one out. Dumbfounded she sat and stared at the screen for a moment, what the hell was going on?

It was now an hour past John’s usual return time, she was concerned especially given what happened with the money earlier, she hadn’t received a message from him, there had been radio silence since he left this morning to go to the office. Opening the email app on her phone she saw a new email arrive, it was from John, her heart jolted, she pressed on it knowing that she was probably not going to like what she saw but if that was the case then it was a new start for her and the kids they would move to another country if they had to so they could begin a better life although 5K wouldn’t get them that far she would make it work. The email looked like it was from John but she knew that wasn’t him, the writer had learnt to over use [sic] and John would never do such a thing, it was shameful really and sadly didn’t really explain where John was. Reading it back from the beginning there where some ramblings about another woman and another man which made no sense followed by a half baked attempt to run away from the problem.

It was all very disorganised and that was not John, Ali was sure of that, another arrived she opened it instantly, this time the email was cool, calm and collected much more like the John she knew, he had indeed gone away for a while, return date to be confirmed, was there anything she could do? She pressed send on the reply not really knowing if she would receive an answer or not, a moment later another email said “await instructions.” She put her phone down and made herself a drink, then sat back down and waited.

To be continued.

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