5 Reasons Why Grammar Rules

The book Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss is an important reminder that grammar can kill without warning, the use of commas or lack of is something most of us are guilty of, i will hold my hand up and admit that im no better at times, I dont want to finish a sentence so I wuss out and use a comma to try and extend it. Here are five reasons why grammar saves lives.

  1. Grammar Nazis – should be treated with respect, a misplaced apostrophe on a shop sign can ruin their day and make your business look illiterate, because you can guarantee that if they have noticed it then someone else will as well, like people who drive their work vehicle like its a rental car, whose telling what kind of customer service you would be getting if you have that little respect for others safety whilst you are driving.
  2. Do you honestly want to eat your grandma? One of the funniest memes i’ve seen is the “lets eat grandma”, when what people actually mean is “lets eat, grandma,” the intonation is there in the sentence there is no excuse. If you are not sure read the sentence out loud.
  3. There is no need to sound sloppy, years of standardised education means we should all be at a similar base level introduced by the creation of grammar schools and then the continuation in comprehensive schools in the state system. Whether we like it or not the way we speak is judged by everyone – how do you want people to perceive?
  4. To quote Kathy Salaman, director of the south Cambridgeshire-based Good Grammar Company, told Cambridge News: “Dropping apostrophes is pandering to the lowest denominator and while eradicating them anywhere is dreadful, it is particularly bad to do it in Cambridge.” This was a reaction to the local authorities announcing they would be banning and removing apostrophes from street signs, personally I agree and for Cambridge to even consider it just shows how much standards have slipped.
  5. If you really cant cope there are websites you can use to help you, proof read what you have written and that includes sms messages or whatever kind of communication you use, no punctuation just means that its even less likely to make sense.

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