Flying Around The Carousel

The sky sparkled blue on one side and stormy grey on the other, the weather front had positioned itself perfectly, its positioning was deliberate, the built up magical fields in the local area had created pockets of static which gathered weather fronts. The carousel had been ‘in situ’ for a decade or more and it was starting to look weather beaten, the magical field coming from the local village some 500 metres away had taken to drawing these weather fronts more frequently, the owner of the carousel knew that one more good magical storm might actually finish off the carousel, it was essentially holding itself together, the maintenance was impossible as really the whole thing needs replacing. Ted knew that he could sell it and retire on the money, it was there ready to make money for someone that had the passion he’d had when he first started. It wasn’t that his had waned he just wanted someone to have at least the same starting level to him if they were to take over, he could enjoy all the things he had worked hard for.

Selling the carousel was probably the quickest solution but not necessarily the most satisfactory, Ted wanted his business to continue to flourish without him, if he sold it to someone else they would do it differently which is fine as long as the work ethic matched his, that was something you couldn’t guarantee, he knew he would have to train his replacement and hand it down to him, the carousel itself had succumbed to the influence of magic some long time ago and there were small pockets of fairies and goblins which had taken over the inside of the central supporting pillar, there was a door to hell and another to some dimension yet to be identified . It was going to take an aware person to take this one on without blowing the village sky high, which is why you couldn’t just let anyone buy it without giving them training, then it becomes more about the money than it does the carousel. It had brought joy to many adults and children alike and Ted wanted that continue well after he had gone, his retirement would come when he had the means to. Even if he didn’t sell there would still be a way of insuring his pension, he would be looked after and the business would continue on with its new owner his student.

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