Taking A Leap Into The Breach

Standing on the edge of the cliff, Anna wasn’t sure why they wanted her to name someone to replace her, she didn’t plan on going anywhere, unless they knew something she didn’t she had no need for an ‘into the breach’ buddy. Staring at the distance to the bottom, the river running through it was calm it bubbled gently as it rounded the corners. Sitting down helped the slight dizzy feeling that had started to creep up on her, she wasn’t a fan of heights and the longer she stared the more her brain was telling her to sit herself down before she fell down. Life was odd, she was already someone else’s ‘into the breach’ buddy why on earth did they need her to name hers, she was pretty sure she wasn’t important enough for such privileges. The sun was warm on her skin, she could see wispy clouds in the distance but they were heading away from her, the view couldn’t have been any clearer, she tried to clear her mind, it shouldn’t be a difficult decision if her job wasn’t that important right? Well no because she did care about her job and she didn’t want to just let anyone take over, her ego was definitely not going to let that one happen, she would have to give it some clearer thought when she got home, for now she would just enjoy the moment of being outside.

Driving back to her house she knew how lucky she was to have a cliff so close for her to meditate on, she wouldn’t want to live anywhere she couldn’t have a cliff to sit and think on. Thoughts turned back to her replacement, she went through the list, there was her work wife, discounted immediately because she was in a completely different department even though she could probably do it standing on her head, three also went because of their roles, two because their work ethic was not the same leaving one left, an odd choice and that would not go unnoticed. There it was, she had to let the higher powers know her decision, she would email them when she got back, technology or not there was no emailing from her car. The traffic was lighter than usual, she was relieved, she needed some food and a chilled evening, it wasn’t often she had to meditate on the way home from work but today had been one of those days, positivity had slipped a bit and she needed a reset. As she pulled into the drive there was a car parked outside her house, she parked in her garage knowing she could go straight into the house without having to come outside again. It was empty in the garage she had cleared everything out the weekend before because it had started to become a dumping ground, a completely empty room she pressed the button to close the door behind her. There was a faint noise, she couldn’t work it out, she walked quickly into the house, door entered into the kitchen which was also empty, she locked the door behind her and put her bag down on the side and listened again, you could have heard a pin drop, turning the lights on at least made her feel safer, her front door was pretty secure and she had a security system set to alert her mobile should anything happen, she checked her phone, there was nothing. Taking the pepper spray from her bag she walked through the kitchen to the hall way, it sounded like the TV was on, she swore she had turned it off but OK, she gripped the pepper spray, there was a tiny light coming from under the living room door she advanced on the door quietly, turning the handle she braced herself. At first she thought the room was empty the TV was indeed on very low, she peered around the room nothing, in a bold move she walked straight in, stopping when she looked over the top of the sofa to see a vaguely familiar shape curled up. It was her friend Tag, he must have got himself a new ride, how he got in without setting off the security system was a conversation for later when he woke up. Anna returned to the kitchen to make herself a drink, she new she needed to make some food but she guessed she would have to see what Tag was thinking, she was going to have to wake him up, she didn’t really fancy waiting around to make a decision, she made him a coffee and headed back to the living room. Tag stirred as she entered the room, she flicked on the extra side light on and sat down on the end of the sofa, he turned and smiled at her “oh hey!”, Anna laughed “oh hey! so whats the dealio dude you want some food?” she took a sip of her drink, Tag sat up and took a long sip of his coffee “uhh guess food is required, you know me I’m not that much of a fan”. Anna rolled her eyes, “pizza it is then” she pressed a button on the tablet and placed her usual order, “so without sounding rude, what you doing here sweet, is that your car outside?”. Tag looked down”uhm yeah about that…..” I need your help, stuff happened today and I don’t know how to fix it. Anna was serious for a moment, “fair enough, do we need to do anything tonight or is chill time?” Tag relaxed “Ill explain later, I can’t right now” Anna cocked her head to one side “ok dude no worries, its cool”.

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