Dredging Through the Goldmine of Life

Dredge: to bring something unwelcome and forgotten or obscure to people’s attention.”I don’t understand why you had to dredge up this story”

The negative connotations of the word dredge could be argued to have come from a similar verb ‘to drag’ dragging something infers a difficulty because it is too heavy to lift. Dredging up a story which some may rather forget is an inherently negative practice. It mostly likely that it served no purpose to either the person telling it or the person listening to it, but sometimes just sometimes it brings up a nugget of information which make things click, its of course difficult to predict when you will find them but it is important to collect them and use them in a positive way even if they were from a darker time, knowing now what you have learnt you need not fall in the same trap again.

Life is a goldmine of self-help nuggets, whether you believe in manifestation or not it is clear that you influence your own future by your behaviour in the present. If you are positive, caring and kind you are often rewarded, some call it karma, if you are negative life will keep finding things to perpetuate the negativity. Karma (in Hinduism and Buddhism) is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences, essentially the power of cause and effect. Is stubbing your toe karma? or is it just clumsiness? Positive people stub their toes don’t they? Well probably because we all have our moments but its less likely for positive people because their level of awareness is higher, their mind free from the distractions of negative thoughts.

Reaching in to dredge from the primordial soup of your brain is I imagine much akin to dredging for gold in swamps and waterways, sometimes you just need to reach in and try and pluck something out, you can wash your hands later its more important to choose something to tackle than let them lie there glistening in the mud. Examine it, acknowledge it, if it needs to be fixed research ways – we all have google or some kind of search engine at our fingertips now, if it fixing it won’t solve the problem then put it back and leave it alone no good comes from fixation on old things you can’t fix. Embrace the things you can fix and watch yourself blossom into the best version of you that you can be.

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