Is There Such a Thing as Talent?

The proper definition of talent is someone who has a natural aptitude to be able to do something without being taught. They say you are born with talent but I believe that is perception, starting to play an instrument at a young age will build up a bank of transferable skills simply through practice, boosting natural talents when learning new skills as you grow. Things that we learn subsequently are boosted by our ability to commit to learning a new skill, when learning an instrument some find it easier to learn to read music first. Some work out the chords depending on their chosen instruments for instance guitar music has tabs which negate the need to learn to read music, whereas piano and string instrumental pieces are usually written in sheet music form. Either way you are learning a process of combining letters, numbers and symbols to create your desired effect, when the music is pleasing to the musician ear it is is ready to share with the world if they choose. You can be talented in many different things but it usually comes from an early taught set of skills which somehow link up, people challenge talent if its something they’ve never considered before, eagerness often uncovers hidden talent whereas unwillingness will make it harder for one to complete the task.

Knowing that the choices you make affect your future in whatever way life has decided to challenge or reward you, if you have a talent for something practice it, it might be the thing you love to do the most and if it makes you happy then that can only be a bonus right? Some of us spend our lives searching for that thing that makes us happy, most of us have settled with the saving up for material things to please us rather than finding something we don’t want to escape from, those who are lucky enough to find their passion it becomes life and that’s the way it should be, if your passion is cake why not learn to make them? Love to write – ever tried writing a novel? Your talent will shine through for the things you truly love. There might be someday’s when you don’t think you can do it but those are the days we sit and look through the one inch picture frame and describe what we see.

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