How Hope Changed In 10 Years

Now 25 Hope was more than capable of looking after herself, despite previous demonstrations otherwise, her substance use became an issue when she was caught at work sniffing something in the toilets, no one actually knew what it was in the end and it was swept under the carpet on the understanding she would reform her character, what this meant to Hope was to do it at home not at work so she didnt get caught, no lesson was truly learned other than she found out how to cheat the system. In time she met someone polar opposite to her, straight down the line tee-total everything she was not, fascinated by this creature Hope worked her magic, it was love she was sure of it, how had she fallen for a straight head? She couldn’t answer that, it felt good to find someone who was her complete opposite they balanced each other out in a strange way.

Life as a teetotaller was difficult for Hope at first the withdrawal was crazy and she locked herself in her room for about a week, she knew she just needed a bit of rest before starting her new life, her body was in shock at its change in fortune. A new lease of life was given after a week or two of difficulty her relationship was better than ever and she felt great, no cravings and clean for 3 years, what next? The future unbeknown to Hope held a world of challenges, some of the lessons she had yet to learn were still to come, she had learnt a few lessons but more were required, she thought about the things she wanted to achieve now she was clean, they were not the same as when she was still taking stuff, she had a clearer perspective on reality and life now her goals were upgraded, the house and dog remained true but the get a job changed to writer, she wasnt sure how she would support herself but hell she had to give it a go, she had a lot to give back. As she stood in the door way to their new apartment she knew times had changed a new era had arrived.

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