At the Shore of the River Ganges

I have been more than fortunate to sail down the river Ganges whilst I was travelling round India. It was a mini holiday within the trip, sitting on the boats watching wildlife and people go by on the banks, we even saw river dolphins, frankly it couldn’t have been any more special if it tried. Right down to the food produced in the tiny galley kitchen and the sun rising over the camp site we had made our beds for the night, there are some memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. I cant say that I would recommend for everyone to that trip, you do have to be agile if you are on such a small boat and camping on the beach brings its own perils. Fortunately we didn’t have to pitch our tents but it taught me to think about my surroundings there is a wealth of flora and fauna all around you and you have to be mindful of where you step. There is a level of awareness that you reach living in a country populated by poisonous snakes and spiders because you don’t fancy getting bitten, its a level I would love to achieve, living life at a 10 all the time can only be a good thing. It takes, for me at least, a bit of work and practice, having spent so long essentially switching off its time for me to flick the switch back on, it’ll take time to warm up like any light bulb but it will come.

The river Ganges is a dangerous place, make no mistake, but it is beautiful in so many ways that it doesn’t matter so much. The variety of sights you can see is incredible, from burning bodies, to people washing clothes to fishing boats there’s something new everywhere you look. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to visit and travel along it, the simplicity of life is laid bare before you. The variety of colours is quite inspiring, there was colour everywhere from buildings to peoples clothing, from what I understand most of the dyes are natural proving just how amazing nature is. I am sure its not all roses and chocolates all the time but the time we spent there was peaceful, I developed an unusual obsession with the sunrise because it was so beautiful even though it meant waking up at 5am, not something I would do now if I’m honest but its a habit I would like to regain. It sounds inhuman but plenty of people do it, getting up early means you can get things done, its not a bad thing to be ahead of yoursel

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