5 Tips for Writing and Life

Now I’m not one to give out too much advice as I am pretty bad at taking it myself however, there are things that I have learnt from writing my blog almost everyday for the last year or so.

  1. Writing routines are incredibly subjective – there is no right or wrong way to write so if you look at all the other authors you follow on social media and worry that you aren’t like them then don’t worry about it, we all have our own process we follow. I try the little and often technique, it doesn’t always work some days I can only sit down once and do half an hour but there are other days when Ill sit down a few times and build up the work slowly.
  2. Read this poem by Phillip Lopate and absorb what its saying, it is the perfect pick me up for when you are having a moment of self doubt we who are your closest friends
  3. Remember to read as well as write, you will develop a style of your own but reading others works will help you think about your characters and plots, if anything you can work out what you dont want your writing to be like.
  4. Dont be afraid the use the writing community if you want – there are a host of places you can have your work critiqued in a non-judgemental way if you want to, if you dont and you want to keep it to yourself thats absolutely fine, but publishing your work means proof reading, remember punctuation and grammar can cost lives!
  5. Steven King – On Writing and Anne Lamott – Bird by Bird – I cannot tell you how much they have helped me gain perspective on writing and life Anne Lamott in fact introduced me to the poem I recommended earlier in the list.

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