Pleased to Meet You

“Hi there! So pleased to meet you!” Ady stood up from the coffee shop table he had been sat at. Sol noticed there were four coffees all with patterns in their foam, Ady held out his hand for Sol to shake, it was ignored, this wasn’t nice, it was borderline hostile. “So am I missing something are we here to talk business or are you here to take me out like a mob hit?” Ady sat back down, he was loud enough for Sol but not the rest of the room, he was impressed by his discretion but Sol assumed that was probably more luck than judgement he was young and impressionable so he would have to be careful with what he said. “We will talk business when you understand a few things, one life is black and white it is or it isn’t , two life will test you and tempt you its how you deal with it that matters and three live life at a 10” Sol’s voice was velvety Ady was quite confused by the signals he was getting, none of them screamed coming home with him either though so he at least put that one to bed.

The low light in the corner of the coffee shop shaded both their faces from being completely clear, meaning that neither really knew who they were talking to Sol had to be careful, he didn’t miss his marque ever and he wasn’t about to start doing it either. The scanning app in his phone scanned Ady without him even noticing and within seconds Sol was up to speed on his entire life and current physical and mental states, the pictures matched and so did the name, this must be the guy he thought to himself. Ady carried on chatting nervously, about the deal and how it hadn’t gone well, life wasn’t so good right now but if he could just have another week then it would be sorted for sure. Sol barely heard the words flying from Ady’s mouth he had zoned into work mode, unfortunately that was it for Ady. It was a shame the kid seemed nice but work was work and this one was worth a mother load, he couldn’t quite understand why so many had failed. Then he started to actually listen to Ady who was in full song about his life and the way he had been treated, perspective changed, Sol understood the injustices in Ady’s life, that made it harder, you don’t get to know your marques just makes it harder to kill them.

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