The Bully You Left Behind.

The bully Kara left behind was a blight on her life, no good came of their paths crossing and she knew this, every time they crossed paths it was a new round of the same fight. There was point where it became so serious she had to tell someone, not another kid they all knew, no one stopped them, it would have to be an adult, she hoped they could help and decided not to think of if it backfired. It was important to get closure, acknowledge the experiences and know that she was stronger for them. It was hard to take, the years of suffering mental and physical abuse to the point she had started to believe some of the lies, they had become her whether her bully intended it to or not.

Talking to the adults brought serious faces, the marks and bruises were examined, her phone was examined for the abusive messages, the horror on one teachers face gave her hope that something could and would be done. The head teacher said very little, he had no intention of getting involved or indeed helping with this one as the child happened to be a close relative. This was the only fly in the ointment, if her teachers believed then maybe it would just be a matter of going straight to the police, safeguarding laws had changed as such to protect children. Looking around the room they all seemed suitably horrified and she crossed her fingers hoping and wishing for something good. The head master was going to speak to the child, it wasn’t her concern anymore. Betrayal is all she felt, then she realised she could take it to the police, the evidence was there and you couldn’t lie to the police.

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