Life After Independence Day

So life after Independence day for Lily (or in her case sexual independence day) had been awkward, her experiences that day had topped most peoples x-rated bucket lists but she wasn’t proud, she accepted them for what they were which were life testing her tolerance, how far was she prepared to go? There were of course base level boundaries which most people had those who didn’t fell into an entirely different category which she had no interest in. Lily stared at the list she had actually written several years ago, she had found it in a notebook from the attic, why she had written it she wasn’t sure because sure as hell she hadn’t tried to tick anything off.

Until the arrival of Independence day came along, for most a day of intoxication fuelled behaviour, whatever your drug of choice, chances are there was a party for it. With each recreational drug created different styles of partying and they grew in numbers. Truth be told she wasn’t into any kind of drug not even caffeine, she only really drank water definitely no alcohol, she wondered if there were teetotaller parties. Only one way to find out she thought as she got her phone out to search the internet, within seconds she had found two or three within a two mile radius.

Shocked but not surprised she requested to join her nearest in the hope they might accept her, although she was apprehensive of meeting someone she knew, teetotallers seemed to stick together when they found others. A few hours later her account was approved to join the group, she hoped it would be some new people, clicking on the link it opened slowly, she could see the several tracking devices trying and failing to navigate her triple secured firewall she knew they wanted to mine her information, well they could have everyone else’s but not hers. Essentially she was a ghost in the system, barely leaving a footprint – just enough not to arouse suspicion, having her cake and eating it was all she was interested in, she didn’t need the consequences and embarrassment of getting caught.

There were a few in the group, no-one that she recognised, a relief in so many ways, if only because she didn’t want to be recognised herself, it would blow her cover completely. Some of them were hot, most of them average but a very few that really didn’t float her boat. Looking at her list she matched up the members to her desires she hoped she could get most of it done in one go if the party was long enough she might get all of it done then she could deal with the mental burnout quickly afterwards with a long weekend walking in the hills in the solitude of the cottage. The name she used was made up, it changed with each group, she was not the only one who did this, there were plenty of others and they pretty much all knew each other well enough to stay away, unspoken territories occasionally demanded to be defended and the women were just as bad as the men if not worse.

Independence day seemed to be the day they had all agreed for the party, it was to be hostel at one of the members mansions (there was a level of wealth in the group which set it apart from the rest of course Lily’s profile matched all the required numbers and her fake accounts proved as such. The actual day itself meant little to Lily as they were independent everyday, just like everyday is a new day, so she wasn’t on a time limit, some had to be at another party or family do else where that afternoon. It was strictly business for the most part, people got their kicks and left when they were satisfied. As she ticked them off she realised how clinical it all seemed but remembered this was solely to get the list out of her life, you only life once and there’s no point in entertaining regrets of what you might have done. There might be someone who was the yin to her yang, she wouldn’t find it here but then she didn’t expect to because she wasn’t looking.

The longer she was there the more she noticed a beautiful body she hadn’t seen in the members list, there were no head shots on the site so it was anonymous until you got there, maybe photos hadn’t done them justice and she just missed them, maybe they were very new like she was who knows but she was enchanted. Life would never be the same if she could have them she was sure, their confidence oozed and washed over her, something awoke in her that had been dormant for sometime. Making herself known was easy, they didn’t wait long before coming over and led her away to a land of ecstasy, she wished life as a whole was as pleasurable as that moment, she knew it would eventually come it just required a little more work than attending a sex party and knocking everything off her sexual bucket list. Life was good she was free to do as she pleased now with no distraction, she knew if she needed another fix it was there but deep down she knew it wasn’t necessary.

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