Everything’s Just Peachy – Right?

The sun was shining, the buildings were dazzling white on the seafront, the maintenance spent hours ensuring they stayed clean. The refraction of the rays of light bounced off palm leaves and car bonnets. Peachy walked along the front slowly, he had no intention of going any faster, his destination was not a favourite one but he had to go anyway. Waving to a few people across the street but not crossing to meet them, he didnt have time to deviate unfortunately, one of his favourite things to do was to sit on the shoreline drinking coffee from a coffee shop, the heat shimmering in the air above the calm bay.

The destination was the local police station, once again his friend had ended up in trouble and Peachy was the only one he had left to rescue him, it was sad because life had given him many chances to prove himself and up his game but his poor decisions led to some sticky situations, Peachy was grateful the cops had him and no one else, he was at least safer there. Life had been a challenge for Peachy dealing with many issues not just his own but the family and friends that surrounded him, he wanted to help everyone but was starting to realise how this was more of a detriment to his own health, maybe it was time to take a step back and look after number one for a bit, he would do this thing for Rad then he was taking some time out.

Rad was confused but unrepentant he couldn’t yet again see what he had done, largely because he had been intoxicated to 5 times the limit of alcohol and a number of other unknown substances but Peachy could tell there was something different this time, “what you been taking dude somets a bit squiffy” Rad looked down – it was if he was trying to remember, he could normally reel it off without missing a beat, “Uhm oh, the usual, you know” Peachy raised an eyebrow, “did you get spiked with somet dude? there’s no shame in admitting it, you know I nearly died when it happened to me.” Rad hung his head “I dunno man maybe, but you’re right somet aint right and its making me proper angry.”

He sighed and sat down on the bench next to him Peachy reluctantly sat next to him only because he would prefer this conversation to be happening somewhere cooler and more comfortable, the midday sun was strong today and his skin was starting to feel a little too warm, he found his water bottle in his bag and drank deep and offered it to Rad who took it and finished it. Peachy sat back on the bench, “no offence dude but i think this would be better if we were home in the cool chilling, its hot out here right now” Rad winced, “can I come stay at yours tonight? I dont think going home is an option right now” Peachy’s stomach twinged a bit, he wanted the distance but he couldn’t push Rad away now it could be detrimental.

“Sure” Peachy fist bumped him for reassurance, the change in Rad was worrying “lets get on home dude and sort this out.” Rad visibly relaxed “ok cool” he gathered himself and they headed to the metro it was a 20 minute train ride but once they were there it didnt matter they could chill as long as they liked. As they arrived they noticed a blind beggar at the station, as they walked past he shrank away when Rad was near, Peachy thought it was a little odd but it might just have been the body odour which was ripe at the moment. Peachy unlocked the door to an immaculate flat, the cleaning lady had been in and polished everything beautifully Rad was intimidated by how clean and perfect everything was he craved a bit of imperfection for his craziness right now, Peachy found him a towel, “no offence dude but the showers through on the right” Rad caught the towel “none taken dude” and headed to the shower.

To be continued.

Featured image by Jason Briscoe via unsplash

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