Do You Dare to Turn the Page?

My love of reading has never changed, even though I will admit I dont read anywhere as much as I want to and I could well make time it doesnt change my love of books. The association of reading with escapism is well known, escaping into your favourite book is something that many of us still do. Although most of the new generation do not have the same relationship with books and storytelling as us, they have their own narratives through social media and the internet, an odd concept to us because communication on that level was not as easy, you had a phone, letter or visit as your only form of contact the invention of VoIP and programs like Skype blew my mind, the internet itself to me was easy to understand the connection was through the phone but being able to video chat with someone across the other side of the world was something special.

Despite all this new technology nothing beats the excitement of turning the page of a new book or an old favourite, the thrill of whats coming next puts you on the edge of your seat you cant wait to find out what happens next. I challenge anyone to find a book that excites them and let it grip them to see how it feels, a love of reading should be nurtured in any child or adult, its important to read, I have said this many many a time now and my stance remains the same.

There are plenty of reading challenges I suggest trying one at your own pace, there is no need to feel pressured in to reading insane numbers of books unless you want to, not all of us have the time and that’s fair enough. Setting time aside each day to read is not time lost I promise you, whether you read fact or fiction book or e-book enjoy the time you have given yourself and let yourself grow with your reading even if its only ten minutes or maybe a chapter, depending on what you are reading of course. The places we travel to in books are far away from where we are, a world to escape to in the turning pages.

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