Starting here seems logical right?

Jen stood at the foot of her bed and looked at the instructions on the tablet, starting where she was seemed logical, surely the app would tell her where to go right? The next page flashed with an instruction to go outside, she could see it tracking the gps as she walked out onto the pavement, conveniently there was a bench for her to sit on. As she sat down the screen changed again, it clearly knew where she was there was no doubt about that the how was no more complicated tracking devices were easily inserted into tablet and phone apps, the use of a sat-nav style gps tracking can be simply used to track your users whereabouts.

The tablet had more instructions for her she had to go to the train station to a locker, she giggled at the movie style game play. Unclear why this was all relevant she headed to the train station’s locker and sure enough there it was, she opened it with the combination given on the screen and it revealed some rolled up notes of an unknown currency or value, a camera and a gun. Three things she did not expect to be seeing that day considering what she thought she’d had planned today, it seemed all bets were off, she carried onto the next screen slipping the items into her rucksack and locking the door behind her. Moving anonymously through the crowd she headed to the buses outside, she had to get on the number 10, she wondered how the tablet was functioning without any kind of network connection it seemed a little creepy but she was too far in to question things now. The number 10 rolled off its stand with Jen sat upstairs at the front, she was the only one up there, it felt a bit special, she smiled to herself, hoping what she had to do wasnt as bad as she thought it was going to be. The stop came for her to get off and she hesitated for a moment whilst she questioned if she should carry on with this ridiculous situation, then she remembered the gun and pressed the bell to stop the bus.

The bus halted just short of the bus stop and a little quicker than she had been prepared for, she almost fell down the stairs as they rolled to a stop and ended up stumbling off the bus onto the pavement again. Pulling herself together she looked around, the place seemed quite, it didn’t seem threatening at all, why was she here? The tablet indicated the bar on the corner of the street, surely not, it was too cliche! She muttered to herself, all this on her birthday she hoped it was just a prank by one of her friends. The app went silent and suddenly the screen darkened, threatening messages started appearing Jen was horrified but couldn’t manage to close the app, she headed to the bar to see what was up if nothing else she could try and get some help, she was essentially stranded and alone. The bar seemed pretty empty – no one she knew although she wasn’t surprised about that so much, there was a vaguely familiar air to the bartender but she couldn’t quite place it, she looked at her tablet which was a pulsing red hazard sign. The bartender turned round and Jen saw a flash of red in his eyes, she was most definitely freaked out, what was she going to do? Why was she here with a gun for goodness sake? The bartender said without turning his head “so I hear you’re the girl to talk to” Jen swallowed deeply, “uhm about what?” she was feeling somewhat uncomfortable now. Bartender turned round “about a gun?” his eyes flashed again, Jen’s blood pressure went through her boots “uhm well, maybe yes I might be” she stammered “please don’t hurt me, I’ve no idea whats going on, I was following the app” she dropped her eyes down and looked away. “Hand it over and you can leave if you like, was there anything else you wanted to leave behind?” Jen thought about the money and the camera, she could keep them she needed them really, “uhm no i’m good” she thought she saw a smile dancing in his eyes but the face was deadpan. Placing the gun on the side she said thank you and walked away, the screen on the tablet changed, the next instruction was there but Jen wasn’t interested right now.

To be continued…….

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