Deathly Hallows Come to Life

Standing at the waters edge, it felt sacred, Jules wasn’t religious in the traditional sense, she didn’t believe there was a god, but she felt something different when she stood at this spot by the river. They say the Ganges is a hallowed space and she could understand why, people bathed in the water and it changed their lives, it might be because of the bilharzia disease that everyone seemingly picked up, but none the less it was a change.

This river wasn’t in a tropical place or infested with parasites or littered with burning bodies like the Ganges but it still had that special something about it. Jules could come here on a Sunday morning for her version of meditation, it wasn’t necessarily traditional, sometimes she even had primal screaming sessions rather than her flow sessions which consisted of a series of linked stretches, which didn’t stop until the flow was completed.

The concentration required was more than enough for 20 minutes to clear her mind completely and open her third eye. Keeping it open for her was the challenge she couldn’t quite maintain the rhythm required whilst still doing her flow, primal screaming was it easier, she could carry on making as much noise as she liked and it would open like window at an ice cream parlour.

None of her friends knew of this place, she would never bring them here as it was really the only sacred place she had, she shared her home with her parents and her friends often dominated her life out of habit. They hadn’t moved on from school, she most definitely had but being stuck in her home town was a burden she would have to bear for a little while longer, just whilst she saved a bit more and gathered everything she needed.

In a few months Jules would be able to fly the nest, even her parents knew she was going, her friends wouldn’t believe she would do it, they assumed she was staying forever, she knew they would be shocked. One morning she came to meditate and one of her friends was sat on the farthest rock, looking out over the drop, the water just a few metres below, angry and confused that someone had violated her space she shouted to them to get down and go away.

At first they didnt hear or so Jules thought she shouted again, she didnt know what to think, how on earth was she going to sort this out. Then they started to wobble, stumbling closer to the edge by the second, Jules’s heart was in her mouth, she shouted again, this time she thought they looked back, they teetered nearer and nearly managed to fall back in land.

The rocks were slippy, down they went into the water right in front of Jules’s eyes, devastated she ran towards the edge secretly hoping they would still be there, standing on the cliff she saw Tom hanging on for dear life, “what the fuck Tom” Jules was incandescent with rage she tied her ropes to the nearest rock and tensioned it before offering her hand to him, the last thing she wanted was to end up over the edge too.

“I thought you were dead Tom, that almost killed you!” Jules shouted still unable to control her emotions, he was of course in shock, “I just wanted to feel what you feel” he looked down ashamed, Jules snapped out of her anger, “what do you mean?” Tom looked her in the eye “this place is sacred to you, I dont have that, I wanted to see what it was like but I dont feel anything” Jules took a deep breath “its because its not yours, you will find yours in time and life will be better.”

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