Make New Years Resolutions Work For You

So we are now 2 weeks into January of 2020, I have to say i’m embarrassed at how quickly the time has gone, I don’t make resolutions as a rule but the beginning of a new decade has warranted a review of my current goals and it has resulted in some room for improvement.

With that in mind I think its important to view your resolutions as goals if you truly mean to complete them. New years resolutions are now considered almost a joke, its something one can use to try a ‘life change’ out for size, don’t get me wrong there are some who go on to achieve their goal but they are the ones that are fully committed. Rather than just dipping their toe in to decide if they actually want to get fit and healthy or stop smoking etc.

Surely we all want to be healthy and wealthy right? A resolution to be healthier can only be a good thing so having a goal to be healthy is just as important, your body depends on your attention to its needs both emotional and physical. Its important to consider what you are feeding yourself, are you drinking enough water? I’ll hold my hand up and say I need to drink more water and maybe some of you will too, one thing I have learned is the power of water knows no bounds. Its important to stay hydrated to keep your body in peak condition, you can get bottles that monitor your water intake and tell you when to drink, personally I dont think you need anything more complicated than a standard travel water bottle but if it helps you then fair enough.

Once your body is running at peak performance you are unstoppable, make a resolution to be unstoppable and see how far you get, you will undoubtedly learn some important lessons during your journey but they will certainly be worthwhile. Remember your resolution is your goal, its there to help you build new habits and parts of your life, giving up smoking can be replaced with any number of more positive actions and habits, whatever you choose make it right for you, don’t kid yourself into being something you aren’t, if it means baby steps and changing small parts of your life then so be it but don’t give up because you are worth it.

Enjoy your life as it is meant to be – to the fullest – its important to remember that sometimes things feel difficult but you can get through it and if you need support then there is a plethora of help out there, the internet has broken down the walls and barriers to communication we are now free to talk with people around the world and share our feelings and experiences. Googling your feelings is not unusual and chances are someone has already done it before you so theres an answer out there somewhere, please do consult a medical professional if you are googling actual physical symptoms its better to be safe than sorry.

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