Laughing Out Loud

When did you last laugh out loud? Some people don’t because they don’t want to be stared at, why should you care, you are the happy one they are simply envious of their happiness, heaven forbid that they enjoy themselves and laugh out loud. Growing up in Britain meant that peoples emotions around were suppressed in every which way, I found it oddly fascinating. Both my parents had eastern European mothers, my dad’s Hungarian and my mother possibly Ukraine we were never quite sure, they are not afraid to show emotion, Hungarians in particular. Laughing and crying openly is common in both men and women and certainly not discouraged so I come from a family background where there isn’t that traditional filter. Showing emotion should not be frowned upon, although full blown adult tantrums might be best off saved until you get home. Having travelled quite a bit I have seen and had my fair share of emotions in public places, when faced with adversity sometimes it takes you a moment to gather yourself, if there are lots of people about it can become overwhelming for some, if you start to feel your emotions bubbling up find a larger open space or a bench, sit down and take a moment to breathe and laugh out loud, the laughing will encourage endorphins in your body making you feel good, ignore the fact that everyone else is probably harbouring the same feelings as you which is why they seem so pushy and aggressive towards you, its nothing personal you just happen to be the closest person. Just because everyone else is having a pants day it doesn’t mean that you have to as well.

Jinkx Monsoon

To quote the one and only Jinkx Monsoon its just water off a ducks back, repeat it out loud if you like, nothing can hurt you, your mind is yours to control. If you need to vocalise your fears you can just remember that its still water off a ducks back. The key to travelling in my personal opinion is to try and have a certain base level of control and organisation, there are plenty of things you can leave to chance like what restaurant you go to but transport and accommodation need to be at least semi sorted before you embark, this means you will at least be able to get to the place you are sleeping and put your luggage down, create yourself a little base you can call ‘home.’ Make sure you give yourself mental space as well as the activities involved with your trip remember to check-in with yourself, make sure everything is ok. Once your base is established you can get on with your itinerary whatever that may entail, just make sure you are doing things because you want to and because you enjoy them, that goes for business trips as well, if you aren’t enjoying it is it really worth it? There might be a couple of hiccups but you can laugh them off, nothing is 100% perfect and we learn something each time we try something new, perspective means we can see the same thing in different ways, one might be closed minded the other open etc, we might see one thing one day and then notice something the day after you didn’t even know was there because you had been blindsided by something and could suddenly see again.

Laugh out loud as much as possible and most of all – Enjoy your trip!

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