Out of the Frying Pan Into the Freezer

The world is plagued by man, politics and violence, we are on the brink of yet another senseless war. The younger people at work were wondering if they would be enlisted, it would in fact take a change in law to reinstate drafting so I guess we’re safe from that one. I hasten to bring up world war 3 but what else are you going to call it if everyone gets involved? The US are about to bite off much more than they can chew, their mouth is still half full from its last effort.

Geopolitics is something that affects us all ultimately, we need to remember that a change in one law somewhere might not directly affect you until you go to visit or do something which is linked to it by proxy. I am reluctant to bring up Brexit, Trump and all the other geopolitical disasters which seem to have come about over the last few years. Whether we could have foreseen them or not they have happened and we have no choice but to live with the choices we or in my case others have made, although I voted to remain we all know where that got us. Clearly President of the USA was on Trumps list of things he desires, he always seems to get what he wants one way or another, unfortunately much like the people who voted leave the people who voted for trump live in a distorted version of reality which seemingly makes no sense at least to me. Life wont be quite the same when we lose the huge amount of funding and laws which the EU have supported us with when we were in our time of need. Those weekends to Paris and a week in Benidorm will have to be planned with a visa, the freedom of movement and cheap booze and cigarette runs will be a thing of the past.

Life will go on of course, its not the complete end of the world and we may be ok but brexit is truly an insult, propaganda used to dupe an ignorant public into a pseudo-democratic referendum. When the end of January comes it will be interesting to see the after effects once the dust has settled, provided we arent on our way to another world war.

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