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The tabs on Megs browser had gone out of control, she had to do some housekeeping soon she couldnt find anything anymore and her system was running like it had eaten 10kg of rocks. After some searching she found her minimal saved session and power washed the rest of her computer, deleting 3/4 of everything on the disk, anything that was important would resurface in the right place. Moving to the cloud was a natural step but her security concerns were not unfounded, she was right to be cautious, there would come a time when she would migrate but those days were a while off yet, in the meantime she upgraded her internal hard drive to something astronomically big, that should solve that problem she thought.

A lot of browser histories were left open as tabs nowadays and it paid for Meg to try and keep a handle on it otherwise she ended up with undesirable visits from randoms. Power washing her computer was extreme but the most effective way of destroying and cleaning the data off her computer. It wasnt that she had anything to hide its just its not body’s business, plus there was no need for a slow computer when she can just wash it all away and its like the day it left the workroom after its last upgrade. Time would tell if the larger disk would make a significant difference, she needed to make sure it was purging the temporary files hourly, it just clogged it all up any otherwise.

Staring at the side of it she realised there was something attached to it, she hadnt put it there, it clicked and started to bleep, she backed up rapidly cursing under her breath, the beeping continued and she could hear a whirring noise now as well, something was happening but she wasnt sure what and she wasnt enamoured on finding out what it was, it didnt seem to be ending anytime soon so she left her pod to go find someone, she wasnt sure if her phone was tapped or not so it was going to be hit and miss who she could find to help her, looking at the time it looked like the coffee shop was probably her best bet but that was going to be an awkward conversation when she got there.

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