Dictionary of Life

If there were a dictionary for life then i’m pretty sure life would be a teeny bit easier, but would it be as enriching? Tay looked at herself in the mirror, she knew there were 100s of things she would look up in it if there was one. It wasn’t cheating because she was merely understanding the meaning of something, its what she did with that information which made her unique. Using the internet had thrown up a bunch of definitions for things including whole sites devoted to the meaning of colloquial phrases and meanings. No consistency as the entire world was able to publish their version of the definition but did add context if you had a vague inkling of where you heard your particular version.

Tay wondered if she should start like Samuel Johnson actually compiling and writing a dictionary of life, maybe it was her calling? As she stood staring at herself in the bathroom mirror she realised there was one small problem, she didnt know everything, how could she, defining the entries needed some kind of formula for consistency. Knowing that opening it up to social media would open Pandora’s box she assigned the idea to the bin, she would never gain enough experience to write such an asir samuel pepyll encompassing document.

After that life got very interesting, she went through several things she never even thought she would and learnt enough life lessons for an entire lifetime over a period of several years. Another year passed and Tay thought again about writing the dictionary, she decided it could remain a work in progress and a record of her journey to that point, life had taught her well. Living peacefully was all she ever wanted, she had seen more than enough to put you off for a while. Writing the dictionary was a mammoth task and it took several years and several people to complete. It was a huge success, an international bestseller, Tay was thrilled she was now able to live her best life and share her experiences with others.

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