Wimpy by Name, Wimpy by Nature?

To be a wimp by nature is to be feeble and weak, Clarissa was neither of those things, she got up in the morning and kicked butt, she had no time for nonsense, the days flew by, she became unstoppable. Life wondered what it had created when it looked back on her, the level of awareness and commitment she possessed was higher than the highest goddess, they simply couldn’t understand where she came from, when she had been found on earth in human form. Clarissa knew that life would try again with the curve balls she had a could she had neatly dodged but she was going to have to catch them eventually. Considering leaving earth was an option, she didn’t want to but it seemed like her talents could be put to better use elsewhere and they were always advertising for more crew to travel the galaxy. If she did she would have to leave everything behind and that was the killer, she couldn’t, didn’t want to whatever you want to call it, just no. The other option was of course stay and carry on as she was, accepting that she will be underappreciated no more or less than the next person, but remaining with the people who meant the most to her in her world. It was a difficult decision, one she would have to mull over, she left her spot on the cliff top and headed to the nearest village her friend welcomed her with open arms, she settled down to think about her situation and discuss it with her friend.

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