Missing the Point? New Ethical Veganism

This week has been a strong week for vegan activism, a Judge ruled that ethical veganism can be classed as a philosophical belief and there for protected under law. Although I am not vegan I can understand their desire to have their beliefs protected and absolutely they should not face discrimination in the workplace or anywhere else for that matter. Having read several different articles now I have come to question why the charity who terminated his employment because of gross misconduct – revealing that they invest their pensions equity in companies which test on animals – are not in the spotlight for their choice of investments.

What the activist has won is great for veganism but completely detracts from the reason on which caused him to lose his position, his passionate belief in protecting animals. The charity in question should be held accountable surely for its actions, actively supporting companies that stand at the very opposition of their supposed core values. A series of comments indicate that he is more interested in increasing the vegan movement than actually acknowledge the true reason for the tribunal, the Charity denies all of the claims and criticisms against it, as such it doesn’t seem that anyone will question their choices.

Corporate values have grown far beyond sponsoring local sports teams and holding charity events, companies are accountable for who they invest in, social responsibility is expected of large companies and we hold them to it, yet we simply assume that charities uphold their projected core values when conducting their business. Expecting your employees to read and actually understand their pension choices is a tall order as most people dont give it a second thought until its too late and they are left scrabbling. If you have beliefs you hold dear a degree of awareness in all aspects of your life, it sounds slightly obsessive but really its actually quite logical, little things help you to affect change, removing funding to animal testing through pension funds is a perfect start to changing the system from within.

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