Its Just a Trash Can

Pup couldnt stop barking at the trash can it was driving Frida to distraction, why the constant obsession with this metal can filled with rubbish? Pawing at the bottom he successfully managed to make it wobble causing renewed barking and discontent, she went over and told him no leading him to his bed, Pup did as he was told reluctantly it was if he knew something she didnt, she wasnt sure she wanted to find out what was in the bin, last time it had been a full nappy lord knows what it might have upgraded to.

After a while the trash can started to vibrate, it was barely noticeable at first but as the pitch changed it became more and more obvious, Pup was back on edge like a guard dog in killer mode and even Frida had noticed there was something emanating from the bin, she went and found the broom and carefully moved it to by the back door which she then opened. Taking the broom handle she then lifted the top off and gentle placed it on the ground, nothing sprang out like a jack in the box she was somewhat surprised. Poking the side of the metal trash can produced a different frequency vibrating from the very centre, it was bizarre, she edged closer with Pup right next to her, seemingly just as curious as she was and just managing not to explode with dog-like excitement. They both edged even closer and the bin started moving, they stopped instantly as there was a rustling like something trying to climb out, Frida’s inner child shrank back from the prospect of a monster climbing out of the trash that would be one step to far in her opinion.

The rustling continued thoughts raced through Frida’s head, a snake? a frog? a bird somehow? even worse a spider? she literally had no clue what it could be but she still wasn’t enamoured about tipping the bin over to see what came out mainly because it would also mean cleaning up the trash a second time after Pup had done exactly the same, although he hadn’t found anything vibrating earlier how did what ever it was get in there? She could hear it moving up through the centre of the cylinder she thought she could hear a snuffling noise, she was completely dumbfounded because when the shape finally broke through the top there was a furry kitten like face, a movie style finish really, and a super cute kitten, I looked at Pup with a knowing face he inched forward to inspect further his nose almost touching the kittens, it was predictably Hollywood, the kitten flinched and lashed out but Pup was patient he understood. I sat on the floor and watched them interact for about an hour, it was magical, Pup displayed qualities that should be demonstrated by every human, tolerance, love and compassion.

Frida was a proud dog mamma at that point in her life, she had been blessed with her gorgeous rescue Pup who had come from the traditional broken home, mixed breed and a bit derpy looking but she loved him unconditionally despite the turbulent start with his appetite for destruction and every other issue under the sun. It hadn’t been an easy start for either of them but now Pup was perfect, although there were still a few underlying issues Frida had been able to remove all the triggers by instilling a strict routine, it was good for the both of them it kept her depression in check, neither of them gained weight and they both stayed healthy.

Life would be different now there was a kitten too, she had never had a cat before, she guessed she would need to go get some kitten food, she left Pup with the kitten, it would be fine, she was more concerned that Pup might take a beating in all fairness, she walked quickly to the shop and back being thankful there were no queues and she was only minutes away, she returned to the kitchen, neither were anywhere to be seen, her heart entered her mouth, there wasnt any mess, most of the rubbish was still in the bin. Walking through to the living room where Pups bed was she saw that Pup had taken the kitten to his bed to look after, the kitten was confused and slightly angry as the bath it was receiving, Frida quickly got a dish of milk and a small bowl for the food, she placed it next to Pups bed, she looked at Pup who nudged the kitten closer, the milk disappeared quickly and some of the food, she wondered if it was still a bit too young, she topped up the milk with the special kitten milk from the shop, she was glad she’d picked up both now. The kitten demolished the milk and keeled over with a contented sigh into Pups side, asleep in minutes Pup gave her a look that said ‘any chance i can have my dinner in bed?’ “of course Pup” Frida said out loud then cringed because she was talking aloud to her dog.

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