Clean Laundry Flying in the Breeze

Clean laundry on the line should not offend, it is merely drying why would you take offence? Its bizarre to think just how many people do, I have a friend who’s neighbour took unnecessary offence to her drying her laundry outside in her front garden, there was no option to put it out the back so where else can it go? The local news got involved and a whole campaign for freedom of expression exploded with the rest of the town rallying with her and also doing the same, one can only hope that the neighbour feels suitably acknowledged.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and perceptions and more power to them for expressing themselves but when you have no choice but to dry your washing outside I’d like to think people wouldn’t offended. I’m lucky as we have a communal garden with washing lines so there are no secrets between us haha.

Kate loved the smell of clean laundry, clean bedding being her absolute favourite she looked forward to it every week, it helped her snuggle down into the best of sleeps, when everything was clean it felt the best its just a shame she forgot whilst she was writing, she was so engrossed she barely looked up, 8 hours a day sat at her desk staring at the screen to some that would be a miserable existence but when she was writing nothing mattered she just shut off the world and got on with building a new one, her characters did tend to resemble real life from her tight circle of friends but it almost always improved the story so she didn’t mind and neither had her editor when she had grown to understand it. Letting her real life spill into her writing sometimes make it a bit challenging ensuring they remained anonymous, she wouldn’t want her friends recognising themselves if for some reason they read one of her books (heaven forbid). To be clear she had only been published once the number of manuscripts she actually had was about 100 none of which seemed to go anywhere but many of them had potential one day she would go through a few and submit them see if they did, you never know she thought airing the laundry could make her some money.

More on Kate from my upcoming novel.

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