The Colour Rouge

The colour red had always been Kate’s favourite, she loved her red hair, it shone in the light with a silky smooth glow. Rouge was just another word for red in her eyes but it actually means so much more, another word for blusher and lip cream, to rouge is to put on said make up, not just the French for a colour which happened to be her number one. Never had she once taken the time to look things like this up because she saw her time as more precious than that but then it was interesting to learn new things even if they weren’t necessarily relevant at the time.

Kate didnt wear make up as a rule, it wasnt her style, she occasionally wore red nail polish but that was rare, she had plenty of other ways of sneaking the colour in, accessories or clothing she wore something red everyday, it brought her confidence and happiness, life was balanced as long as there was something red. Red carried on as a theme in her life, her car, accents in rooms in her house, never a main colour though, it was important not to make the place look like a tarts boudoir.

Not everyone shared her love of red, it was almost impossible in some cases to convince people that there was nothing dangerous about the colour, it drove Kate to distraction constantly having to explain she wasnt a whore or whatever the latest assumption was. The patent red leather everywhere in her home was probably not helping nor the shoes she had made but nonetheless she couldnt understand peoples problem, whats wrong with shiny red leather?

Some notes on Kate from my up and coming novel, keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

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