Contemplating the Beginning of 2020

The start of a decade means a new approach for me, journal-ling my writing is something I haven’t done before but I intend to record how much I’ve written and write down 3 to 5 words which describe the day and how I feel about my writing – I even started it on Monday so that I have a full weeks entries in my diary. Whatever your process to achieve your goals is I urge you to do whats right for you, my method may not work for you and vice versa so there is no shame in being different. The start of a new decade gives us a fresh pathway to travel and life will start to make more sense as you progress, its important to keep listening to yourself and overcoming the lessons you are trying to learn.

Looking forward I can see the journey I have to make is far different to how I imagined its going to be interesting and I know I will learn a lot despite the prospect of some of it being quite intense, learning to be a fully fledged writer is something I have wanted for some time now and I cant wait to get my first book finished and on route to its publishing, I know it will take time but I’m prepared to commit to it, I want to see my hard work realised and presented for the world to see.

Beginning new adventures of discovery and creativity is something I cannot wait to embrace, knowing how much I achieved in the last 10 years it intrigues me to discover what I can accomplish in the next decade! Being born in the 80s it means I am now in my fifth decade of my age span, which is pretty amazing in my book, we have seen massive changes in that time and it looks like we are set to see even more changes in the coming years so it is with a new mindset we go forth into the breach to fight the good fight and life our best life. Have faith in the process.

Have a wonderful 2020 everyone, any thoughts or comments please do leave one down below or join the conversation at facebook.com/onlynomeswriting or twitter.com/onlynomesforyou

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