Over It – 2010 to 2019 – Another Decade Gone

Its crazy to think that the imminently approaching New Year is in fact the end of a decade. The last 9 years have flown by and we are now entering the 20s once more. The 1920s were a turbulent time for for humanity, the first world war shaking countries to the core and the introduction of prohibition in the United States ending the public sale of alcohol for 13 years and fuelling an extensive black market run by gangs across the country, Al Capone essentially built his reputation on the sale of alcohol, obscene amount of money he received through profits were enough to allow the IRS to incarcerate him for 11 years and being fined a record $215 thousand dollars plus interest which is the equivalent to $2,764,986.00 in today’s money.

To me New Year is rarely a big occasion the number of times the night has disappointed despite arranging everything to the last detail means that I have now sworn not to go out but merely stay in with plenty of the things I enjoy. With regards to the future, I know not what it holds but what I do know is that this year will be different, the focus and energy I feel now is different to the past 5 or so years.

I have said it many times but life has its own funny way of teaching you lessons, if at first you don’t get it, it will make you practice until you do. I recently went through some things in the loft that I had kept for nearly 15 years, the CDs are memories of feelings which can be acknowledged but the behaviour doesn’t need repeating. You can be reminded of a good feeling, you can hold that good feeling and turn it into something relevant to now, the same can be said for a bad experience, ask yourself what did you learn? Have you grown since? If the answer to this is no, its time to let go of those feelings.

Its a time for new good habits to be formed, life will not hand it to you on a platter so get ready to do some self-service at the buffet table of life and opportunity. Stay tuned for more details of my upcoming novel and of course my daily posts.

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