Slay Queen or Sleigh Queen?

Todays prompt is slay, searching on unsplash under the term slay brought the featured image you see in this post, slay queen could be interpreted in different ways my first thought was a christmas related miss spelling but that was quickly dispelled after some preliminary research yielded the conclusion that it is seemingly the pattern of behaviour of a female narcissist, the self-obsessed ladies who can only have things they have specified down to the very last detail to prove the amount of money they spent, cannot meet people without make up on and are obsessed largely with partying and money nothing else.

Its interesting to learn new phrases and names, the etymology of words is fascinating, research made very easy by the power of the internet, although relying solely on reddit and wikipedia for your sources is unlikely to furnish you with consistent accurate knowledge there are plenty of scholarly articles and other more reliable sources, its important to question things as some words and phrases have many different meanings the last thing you want to be doing is insulting someone unintentionally at least if you do insult them intend to do it.

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