If I Had A Daughter

She would be strong and beautiful, kind but fair, aware of her surroundings. There is to be no pressure to be all of those things, sometimes we slip into an unfavourable place in our mindset but we can change it, getting ourselves out of the rut can be difficult but there is always a way, onwards and upwards as they say.

If I had a daughter I would want her to have good strong positive influences, but with some adversity to ensure lessons are learnt, life will throw at us what it will and she will know what is meant by this soon enough. Strength knows no bounds when it comes from within, the confidence to know you belong and who you are is an unshakeable faith, positivity comes naturally with confidence, you exude good vibes which rub off on those who are receptive there are some unfortunately who will never be open to positivity but they have their own lives to live there is no need for your paths to keep crossing.

A love of nature is unfortunately irrelevant in our case as there is no nature left in this dimension which is sad to say the least, one day she can help re-introduce them to the green spaces which remain, it will be nice to have some animals back, the human soul feels soothed by animal interactions. Happy humans mean a happy dimension and we can but hope this follows in our time of need.

Bringing a life into the world is rarely plain sailing, life looks to you to help support your children and make them the strongest and best version of themselves, realistically we can only guide them, the rest is their own intuition we can teach them to trust themselves, we can teach them good values but it is their judgement call above all others.

Written by Rachel from my up-coming novel, stay tuned for more information.

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