The Trees Are Alive

The forest was always a special place to Alice, she spent a lot of time staring up through the leaves and branches, wondering what the world was like out there. Living in the forest and not being able to leave was a drag, all she wanted to do was explore. The rays of sunlight teased her all day and at night the stars were bright enough to keep her awake. The passion and desire to explore grew over time, one day she knew she had to break free, no longer could she remain trapped inside, she packed a small bag and one night left the village. Many had left and not returned, this was why she wasn’t allowed to leave as it would mean one less to keep the gene pool going, she didnt like those odds and didnt look back as she got to the edge of the forest, there didnt seem to be obvious danger. The trees noticed her leaving, they would remember, like they did with the others.

The land flattened into a green valley with an abundance of animals and plants, on the other side she could see lights, many more than her village had, she could see the sky above her, the stars shining brightly, whatever those lights were she wanted to see it, so she set off into the distance, she would try and write home some day, the village wasnt cut off from the rest of the world it was simply very insular and didnt like contact with the outside world. Maybe she would find some of the people who had left, they could show her the ropes and help her find somewhere to sleep, she had a tent with her it wasnt like she was unprepared but if she could sleep in a bed that would be preferable.

It took several days to walk to the other side it was much further than she first thought. Once she was there it was a confusing mass of people, animals and strange forms of transport. She understood the concept of a wheel but how they seemed to move without a horse or cow intrigued her clearly people were more progressive, maybe her ideas would be better received here, at home they just assumed she was crazy with all her suggested improvements to their farming methods and food processing. Looking across the road she couldnt believe it was someone she recognised, she carefully made her way across to tap them on the shoulder, she hesitated for a moment, they turned just as she shied back she felt a hand on her shoulder and she stopped. Turning round to face them, the memories came flooding back, she threw her arms around the strong shoulders she remembered, she mumbled happy noises and was lead off to safety.

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