Funny how you never really own a cat, they say pets are helpless animals that need love care and affection and most importantly feeding, a dog relies on its own humans for food, a cat (with the exception of house cats) if not satisfied with the service its currently receiving from its slaves goes and finds another house to avail themselves of the menu, when they’ve had enough of your bullshit they simply saunter off into the sunset, returning later to see if there might be a better offering.

The story of Cats originally started off as a musical, loved by many and remembered by me as one of the first pieces of musical theatre I’d ever seen as a child. The characters moved like slinky cats they embodied everything I did not, balance, poise, emotion it was truly magical. Fast forward to 2019 and the release of the film (please note I will not be seeing as I don’t want my memories spoiling, the general reaction seems to be similar to mine if I were to see it. The biggest issue seems to be the CGI, despite modern times, the system is still not perfected so there will be disappointments, unfortunately acting can only be taught to a point and the rest is up to the actor themselves, if the talent is not there it will not shine and as they say you cant polish a turd so remember that when you continue the dead horse you have been flogging. Re-releasing the film with improved visuals may help but it bares remembering that film audiences are difficult to bring round once they have been upset.

The point I suppose im trying to make is do be like Cats, think carefully about re-inventing yourself, people love you for you and changing that may make them react badly, the true friends stay with you through thick and thin, be the change you want to see in this world.

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