Afrique du Sud

South Africa – a troubled but beautiful land, the chosen holiday destination for some others to visit family.

Hours could be spent on the atrocities marring their records over the last few hundred years. Seven Nobel Peace Prizes awarded and yet it is still considered one of the most dangerous destinations in the world.

The nature reserves rife with poaching and country roads plagued by bandits who take what they want as it passes by.

2019 saw the discovery of an entirely new species of dinosaur which had been on display in a South African Museum mis-identified at the time of classification 30 years ago. A fantastic discovery and a leap in archaeology it would be interesting to see if the rest of the site was accessible, who knows what else might be there to discover.

Nelson Mandela did what he could for peace in South Africa and was punished for trying, his winning the Nobel Peace Prize twice over goes little to celebrating his commitment to the cause. A country divided and now somewhat reunited the disruption and scars remain.

Their rugby team is pretty good, and their cricket team isn’t bad either. I’m told that its a country to experience and it would be interesting to explore one day.

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