He looked up at the stars, Twig knew they would come and find him eventually, he had taken enough from the safe for someone to notice, he hoped it would take them a while although he wanted to at least get his head straight before he faced them. Bizarrely he had taken documents but seemingly little cash which was annoying he’d hoped he could use the money to get away from them. The bonds he had taken were traceable so there was no cashing them in, there was enough for the next week or so if he could find a cheap place to sleep but he wouldn’t be skipping town anytime soon, he could hear his phone ringing in his bag, it was his brother who had arrived home no doubt to see the faked robbery that Twig had inexpertly executed and was ringing him to find out what was going on. Twig needed a bit more time before he answered him, Oak was headstrong like himself and fiercely protective of his brother but this would be a difficult one to smooth over.

Oak stood staring at the hallway it was like a bomb had gone off, nothing was missing it was just broken or strewn across the floor, he walked through the house to the safe knowing that if anything would have been taken it would have been from there, he could see it had been opened, there was only one person who had been in the house and the cameras would unfortunately prove it, there was little he could do to help until he understood why Twig had suddenly lost the plot and wrecked the place then run away with barely enough to get him to the bus station let alone out of town. Picking up his phone he sent a quick message to his parents to go out for dinner and he would meet them later, then tried calling Twig again, still no answer, he couldn’t have gotten that far simply because of his inability to drive and barely enough money for the bus to the end of the street. Oak cleared up most of the mess, he would explain to his parents whilst they were out so it wasnt such a shock later.

Twig had his phone next to him now, he had just about cleared his head but he now had no idea what he would do, he wrecked the place before leaving, his parents would go spare, mainly because he hadnt talked to them he had just let it all build up inside and then imploded. Going back tonight wasnt an option he had to stay away until he had at least spoken to Oak no doubt he had managed to smooth it over, Twig felt bad there was no need for his brother to be clearing up after him still or making excuses to their parents for that matter. The phone rang again, it was Oak, Twig took a deep breath picked up the phone.

To be continued.

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