Cloaks and Daggers

A cloak and dagger operation is another name for a secret operation, or so Sam thought, he had searched and searched for any other meaning to such a phrase and really there was nothing concrete to suggest it could mean anything else. The supposed “cloak and dagger” operation had been public from the start, nothing had been secret, it played out like a sex tape scandal with more and more damning evidence, week three and it was still raging, he concluded there must be other forces at work or the operation was a front for the real one. Returning to the office the following day he saw his work colleagues packing up their things and clearing their desks, what could be happening, surely it wasn’t over already? He walked up to his team leaders office, it was the other side of the building, as he walked through the corridor he saw offices emptying as he passed. Knocking on the door he walked in “Hi Sam” Sam jumped Tony hadnt even turned round in his chair how the hell did he know who it was “I’ve been expecting you” Tony swivelled his chair round to face Sam who was now starting to feel a bit nervous, “uhm Hi Tony, whats going on? Looks like everyone is packing up and leaving” Tony smiled “yes they are, its all over now, the operation was a success.” Sam felt like there was definitely something wrong, Tony seemed so serene, this had been years of work to execute this operation and from where Sam sat it looked like a bust but he wasnt going to say that to Tony, Sam pulled himself together, he couldnt show weakness “are you ok Tony? You seem a little different.” Tony beamed back like a ray of light “why of course Sam, the purpose of the operation was to achieve enlightenment, I have ascended to the next level now” Sam reeled, what the hell did that mean? That sounded like trouble coming from somewhere, “Wow, thats pretty amazing how did you manage it so quickly? Does the operation have to end? cant we use it to help others?” Tony frowned “I designed the operation for me to find enlightenment no one else, this was a purely selfish exercise, why would I wish to help others ascend?” Sam was confused Tony clearly hadnt ascended he had just turned into more of an ass than he was before, what had made him think he ascended and thinking about it a better question would have been how did he manage to ascend and be even more closed minded. “So what does this mean for me?” Sam gave Tony a quizzical look, which Tony returned “what do you mean what does it mean for you? This is the end of the road, I have no intention of furthering this operation, I have levelled up and now for the next stage in the plan.” Sam swallowed “oh, right, I guess Ill go get my stuff and leave like the rest, It’s been nice knowing you” Sam turned and left. Half way down the corridor he thought he heard Tony but it was too late, the signs were there, he didnt want to be involved in whatever was going on his head, no good would come of it. Realising most of the stuff in his desk was rubbish he binned most of it and pocketed the snacks and the loose change and kept walking right out the front door.

To be continued…….

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