Does it Matter?

Its the little things that matter, not the big things, arguments are almost always never about something important, its the inconsequential act of leaving the toilet seat up or forgetting to take the bins out. Trinity was doing her best not to get annoyed with both the big and little things, life was doing its best to test her, she was starting to understand why everyone had been telling her to deal with her emotions and issues.

Trinity knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was in the right, life was playing tricks on her and she needed to make it stop, her conviction and belief in herself needed to be much stronger, she had made plans, sticking to it was the the only way of getting away from life and its cruel taunts.

Creativity came and went her writing was her passion but her characters had other ideas, they were currently in charge of the story, her job was to guide them through the universe they had created themselves. Take charge of the story people said, dont let the characters rule you they said, they dont understand, you cant take charge just like that they kept their ideas to themselves the story flowed from their actions and reactions, the drama created and endured was an odd mix of self-flagellation and childlike mischievousness.

There was no apparent logic, she hoped that the editing process for ensure that she could take control back from the characters and carry the story on.

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