asdf – If You Know What I Mean?

Tarnya stared at the keyboard – asdf the first 4 letters of the middle row, used by many as space fillers. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking she knew this, but it had to mean something, she had seen it in other places, the internet was a big place and letters and numbers filled the world. Playing with words was one of her favourite things to do, it allowed her to express herself in ways she couldnt otherwise, the combinations were rich and varied and asdf produced some amusing acronyms.

The acronyms themselves were not important in this instance because all she wanted to know was why start with asdf on the keyboard, theres qwerty on the top row and zxcv on the bottom, and then every other letter in the alphabet to the right. It was standard practice now, she would have to look it up once the exam was over, she was surprised thinking about it that it hadnt been in the exam, it was a keyboard and typing course wasnt it? Checking the front of her exam book it seemed to indicate it was related to keyboard and typing, she thought back to her lessons, they had been about those things, so how did she miss learning about the layout?

Hurrying to finish the exam she neglected to notice the pages stuck together at the back, it was a section about layout, her fellow pupils informed her shortly after they had all finished. Tarnya was slightly devastated to have missed a whole section. The results would speak for themselves and she would have to deal with the consequences.

The results came, she had passed, miraculously the examiner had also missed the last section. Life didnt change vastly because of this moment but Tarnya learnt a lesson, to pay more attention to detail.

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