Day Zero

Truth be told day zero was a few days ago, Helen knew this but it somehow didn’t matter, she had wanted to start afresh and now was her chance. Identity theft in a world slowly filling with bio metrics was big business, but you had to be clever, finger prints are unique, its almost impossible to create one which will work on all devices and systems, the person who managed that would be sitting on a yacht sunning themselves and drinking cocktails shortly after they patented it. Helen wanted to be that person, she wished she could crack it, she would never need to worry about money ever again. Government bodies would want it even more than any number of criminal organisations, her daily struggle was a very slow progression, she needed to beat everyone else to it and she knew she wasn’t alone in in this race.

Soon she would be the proud owner and creator of the formula and when she was a world of opportunity would be heading her way. Having barely left the lab for weeks she continued to struggle to see what was right in front of her, it was only when her mentor came and physically took her away for a week to rest that she saw where the formula was going wrong. The maths were simple, she would change it when she was back in the lab. Right now her body and her mind needed rest.

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